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Door43 is being developed as a platform for Bible translation teams to work together from anywhere in the world. The Door43 platform provides many useful features, including support for USFM, fine-grained revision control and instant accessibility to the translation on mobile phones.

These are the translation projects currently underway, with more getting started:

The Open Bible Translation

The Open Bible Translation is a version of the Bible in English that is intended to be accurate, readable and especially useful for second-language speakers of English. We are looking for help with it!


The Plain English Translation is a translation of the Bible that is based on a back-translation of the Terjemahan Sederhana Indonesia (TSI) (in Indonesian). Since the PET (and the TSI) are meaning-based translations for readers with no Bible background, the PET may be useful as a resource for people who are translating the Bible into ethnic languages anywhere in the world. The translation includes implicit information that is useful for people with little Bible background. The PET aims to be easily understood by second-language speakers of English. This work is in its beginning stage. We invite comments and participation to correct mistakes and improve places where the PET sounds unnatural in English.

The Common Ilokano Version

The Common Ilokano Version (CIV) is a new translation of the Bible in modern Ilokano.

If you are a Bible translator and would like to get started using Door43 to facilitate your translation and make it immediately available online, optimized for mobile phones, please contact us!

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